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Release News:

New album from Gavin John Baker, released 19th January 2015:

un113 __ ____________________________________________________________________________________

New releases from Gavin John Baker, Circle Limit, The Baker Boys:

un109 __ un112



New on Between Silences: Kevin Tomkins - 'Folding Sound' 15 x CD album box set and Paul Taylor - 'Confronting Demons' CD album:

BS023 __ BS024


Coming soon - a brand new limited edition 7" vinyl release from North Atlantic Maritime (ex Everyone To The Anderson).

In the meantime, watch their video for 'Mt.' from earlier in 2014:


Joeyfat - 'Suit Of Lights' limited edition deluxe double vinyl LP, CD and DVD package - available now!


Joeyfat T-shirts, available in all sizes, while stocks last...



New Unlabel Website:

We are currently rebuilding this website from scratch, including uploading our catalogue of over 180 releases onto Bandcamp for streaming and to download, and changing the design and layout of pretty much everything.
As a result quite a number of pages aren't here at the moment but you can still order all in print titles from us as usual via the Releases link above.
The site should be complete and working better than ever very soon but please bear with us while this is happening. Thanks...

Gig News:


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